Erick Delim

Professional Photographer

After years of working as a Graphic Artist in a printing company, I found myself as a student in Photography. In 2007, I was lucky to have a privilege to enter a vocational school that introduced me to Photography. At first, I started as a hobbyist and eventually I was inspired by the works of well-known Wedding Photographers. That was the time that I decided to try to shift into wedding photography. In 2009, I decided to apply as an apprentice in a wedding studio. With years of hard work, training and patience from different mentors, I had developed my skills and knowledge, and eventually became a Full time Professional Photographer.

In 2014, I decided to start my own studio. I am now the owner and Main Photographer of Erick Delim Photography and Films. With over 500 weddings in my experience, my studio is now offering both quality Photo and Video services for weddings, debut and other corporate events.


Passion. Elegance. Timeless.

Wedding will always be my forte. My style in wedding photography is a mix of both old school and modern photography.

I believe in both style of Stylized and Photojournalism (elegant posed and candid shots) will bring out the best of my clients and produced great photos. It is always my Passion in Wedding Photography that motivates me to produce Elegant photos and capturing Timeless moments for the satisfaction of my clients.

What I Cover
Photography Shooting
Special Events